Will 'Bachelorette' Contestant Luke Parker Be on 'Bachelor In Paradise'?

Gonna go ahead and say...hopefully not.

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Potential spoilers for Bachelor in Paradise.

Bachelorette fans' biggest eyeroll right now is Luke Parker—in case you're not caught up, he's the showy, controversial guy who didn't get a one-on-one rose from Hannah Brown in episode 5, which takes real talent. He's also, mercifully, not the guy that Hannah ends up with at the end of her season, which leaves him as a free agent. Free, in other words, to be a participant on Bachelor in Paradise, or even The Bachelor. The latter is, mercifully, unlikely—the Bachelor tends to get chosen based on mass appeal, not drama—but the former is certainly a possibility. BiP tends to loooove drama. 

So, let's investigate what we know so far, and try to infer the likelihood of any more Luke P. on Bachelorverse shows. We'll update as we know more, of course.

There will potentially be over 30 contestants.

According to Reality Steve, 70 percent of those are Colton Underwood's and Hannah's contestants, so it should be a lot of familiar faces from this past year. Again, this could potentially mean that Luke is among them, even if not the original cast. In other words, he could show up later to bump up the drama if things get a little stale—and boy, is he good at drama. BiP is basically the nuttiest contestants left alone with each other, so (provided the producers don't worry that Luke would disrupt the show or is too controversial) he fits the bill. 

Luke's not on the cast list.

Reality Steve only had a partial list as of a few weeks ago, and it's ever-evolving. Again, they could bring him in later—or they might just be getting off the Luke train permanently.

He might be interested.

See also his Insta post addressing his drama this season.

No doubt that also correlates with the edit he got on Hannah's season and the fact that some of the other bachelors have spoken out about him post-show, but I wonder if he's trying to show he can, uh, tone things down a bit. We'll see.

There have been no 'BiP' spoilers involving him.

Well, I can't say I'm totally surprised about this. Bachelor in Paradise has officially wrapped and is about to start airing. And there's no Luke anywhere near the show—no spoilers, no hints, no glimpses of him in previews. He was the most...complex...bachelor in a long while, so I can understand the producers' decision. 

Part of this complexity might come down to how long Luke stayed on The Bachelorette, even coming back to the show after he was eliminated. Part of it was his defensive and mostly unapologetic segment during "Men Tell All." Part of it might have been the fact that he joined Twitter just before his elimination and used his time there and on Instagram to defend himself even more and diminish Hannah's perspective:

And (yikes):

Instead, Luke's been spending most of his time doing Crossfit and hasn't spoken much more about the show.

So that's that! Hopefully this is the last we ever have to discuss that particular situation.

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