Blogging SXSW: Day 1

South by Southwest is every music lover's dream. On 6th

Street alone the venues line up one after the other (and that's only one

street!). You can catch a pop band at one venue and right across the street

there's a hard rock band from South Africa playing.

You'll be happy to know that this afternoon I successfully

purchased a wristband thanks to my Twitter badge holder friend @CyndiHellen. In

order to get a wristband you have to be with a badge holder and buy it off

them. Weird, I know but that's one thing accomplished and now I can get into

any concert I want!

My roommates are great too! Two of them have been attending

SXSW the past four years so they know all the secret spots first time

festivalgoers aren't aware of. For instance, there's a 75 cent "airport flyer"

bus from the airport to downtown Austin which saved me tons of $$$ on a cab.

They also found a great taco place for lunch today, cleverly titled Taco Shack.

Fellow Jersey girls (they actually live two towns next to me) I really lucked

out on having some pretty awesome roommates to spend the week with.

I'm about to head out to catch Meiko's performance at the

Austin Convention Center and interview her afterwards, but here's my tentative

schedule from today. Be on the lookout for more interviews and live Twitter updates.

12 p.m. - lunch with the roomies @ Taco Shack

1 p.m. - caught The Gay Blades at Creekside Lounge

2 p.m. – waited in line and purchased my wristband

3 p.m. – interviewed Jason Reeves @ his hotel

5:30 – Meiko performance

7 p.m. – interviewing Meiko

8 p.m. – Billboard showcase

9 p.m. – The Elms showcase

10 p.m. – Lights Resolve performance

11 p.m. – Minature Tigers set

12:30 a.m. – Ten out of Tenn showcase

Still trying to figure out if I can make it past 1 a.m. stay

tuned for my interview with Jason Reeves and his take on SXSW later!

Annie Reuter is a freelance writer and music blogger who

covers shows in and around the tristate area. In constant pursuit of the next

show to attend and band to interview, Annie keeps up her own music blog, You Sing, I Write.

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