Things That Make Us Love June

Wonder Woman flip-flops from Havaianas.

Wear them with your She-Ra bikini.

The gelled, wet-hair look, as seen on the Givenchy Haute Couture runway.

. . . And in your creepy uncle's graduation picture.

Our first bikini wax of the season.

Or maybe we'll just buy a skorted one-piece.

The first full swim line from Marc by Marc Jacobs.

We're suddenly pulling for global warming.

New Jersey's Mountain Creek Water Park's new waterslide, the Alpine Pipeline (June 6).

Note to self: Pack waterproof BlackBerry.

Michael Cera turning 21 (June 7).

Now instead of always playing a teenage emo dork, he can play a 20-something emo dork.

150th anniversary of the song "Happy Birthday" (June 27).

Should we sing it "Happy Birthday"?

The Taste of Chicago food festival, June 26-July 5.

Food coma, July 6-20.

The new iPhone's expected release.

Makes the old iPhone seem like a butter churner.

Diesel's new cologne, Only the Brave, for Father's Day (June 21).

Bring out the gangsta in your pops.

76th anniversary of the drive-in movie (June 6).

Also turning 76: awkward car sex.

A new crop of college grads in the job market.

Good luck with that.

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