Signing These Petitions Can Help Reopen the Cases of Slain Black People

Add your signature and demand justice.

tamir rice, sandra bland, trayvon martin
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The worldwide protests calling for justice for Ahmaud Arbery (opens in new tab)Breonna Taylor (opens in new tab)George Floyd (opens in new tab)Brianna Hill (opens in new tab), and Tony McDade and reaffirming that Black lives matter (opens in new tab) have already made a lasting impact on society. Already, the protests, social media posts, petitions, and countless donations have lead to the arrest of all four officers involved in Floyd’s murder (opens in new tab), an FBI investigation into Taylor’s case (opens in new tab)plans to defund the Minneapolis police (opens in new tab), and a plan to pass Breonna’s Law (opens in new tab), which would limit no-knock warrants. But the fight for justice doesn’t stop here, and many on social media are calling to reopen the cases of Black people who were senselessly killed (opens in new tab) and deserve justice.

If you want to continue fighting for Black lives and the many we’ve lost already, sign these petitions, which call to reopen Tamir Rice’s, Sandra Bland’s, and Trayvon Martin’s cases, among others:

  • Tamir Rice (opens in new tab) was 12 years old when the police shot and killed him (opens in new tab) for playing in the park with a toy gun. The petition (opens in new tab) calling to reopen the case is close to its 1,500,000 signature goal, and every signature counts.
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  • Christian Taylor (opens in new tab) was shot and killed by a police officer in 2015. Taylor’s autopsy determined his cause of death as homicide, but officer Brad Miller was only fired for “inappropriate judgment.” (opens in new tab)
  • Kendrick Johnson (opens in new tab) was found dead on a wrestling mat in a school gym in 2013. His family believes he was murdered (opens in new tab), and this petition (which is addressed to the U.S. Supreme Court) has more than a million signatures so far.
  • Darrius Stewart (opens in new tab) was killed in 2015, and although his mother continues to try to file a case, the filings are repeatedly dismissed. His mother filed another suit in February, and this petition (opens in new tab) calls on Donald Trump, Tennessee Governor Bill Lee, Senator Lamar Alexander, and the Tennessee House and Senate to recognize the case.
  • Kenneka Jenkins (opens in new tab) was found dead in a freezer in Crowne Plaza Hotel in 2017. According to this petition (opens in new tab), the surveillance footage from the hotel appeared to be manipulated and a rape test was not performed. Signing this could help reopen the case and determine what happened to the young woman.
  • Darrien Hunt was killed by Utah police (opens in new tab) for cosplaying with a fake sword in 2014. He was shot and killed as he was running for his life. This petition (opens in new tab) is calling for 75,000 signatures.
  • Sandra Bland was arrested during a routine traffic stop (opens in new tab) in 2015. She was found dead in her prison cell three days later. This petition (opens in new tab) needs about 200,000 more signatures before it hits its goal.
  • LaVena Johnson (opens in new tab) died while serving her country in Iraq in 2005. The Army claims she died by suicide, but her family does not believe their account (opens in new tab). So far, more than 33,000 people are calling on the case to be reopened and investigated.
  • Trayvon Martin (opens in new tab) was shot and killed by George Zimmerman in 2012. Zimmerman remains free, auctioned the gun he used to kill Martin for $100,000, and had the nerve to sue Martin’s family for defamation. Sign this petition (opens in new tab) to reopen his case.

Most of these petitions are *this close* to reaching their signature goals, so take five minutes and make your voice heard.