New Thing We Love: LucyPhone Means No More Hold Music!

How many times have you rolled your eyes at the phrase, "Your call is important to us"? (Yeah, freaking right! If it were so important, I'd be talking to a real person by now!) Well, roll no longer — a new, free online service called LucyPhone will connect you with the company you need to talk to and actually wait on hold for you, calling you back as soon as that elusive real person finally decides to grace you with his presence.

Sadly, Lucy can't navigate those never-ending phone menus for you (I'm not listening carefully because options may have changed, by the way — I'm listening because there are too many dang options in the first place). But just imagine the great stuff you could get done by reclaiming all that hold time. According to the company, the average person spends 60 hours per year waiting on hold — that's basically long enough to master the violin! Reorganize your closet! Hey, at the very least, you'll avoid getting the Muzak version of "Total Eclipse of the Heart" in your head.

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