Shocking: Meet the Baby Who Smokes 2 Packs a Day

EMBED-Ardi Rizal - The real SMOKING BABY !! - Watch more free videos

In what can only be described as one of the most disturbing videos we've ever seen, two-year old Sumatran baby Ardi Rizal was taught to smoke at 18 months, is now addicted to approximately 40 cigs a day, and smokes freely for the camera. Obviously, peer pressure wasn't the culprit in this underage smoking disaster: Ardi's own father introduced him to the nasty habit. While the local government has apparently offered to buy the family a car if they restrict his puffing, his mother claims he freaks out when they take his smokes away, and his proud papa observes that "he looks pretty healthy to me." Wow. Just. Wow. How is it that these folks manage to make Balloon Boy's parents look saintly (almost)?

Gawker, via Metro UK
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