London Calling: New Music from the UK (and Southern Ireland, too)

[Photo: Tom Blenkiron of WE DIE TONIGHT; Credit: Craig Dick]

After spending the majority of my time in London over the past 12 months, I've had intense exposure to the thriving UK music scene. And I can tell you that great music is alive and well across the pond. It was almost a year ago that I was sitting in the London offices of EMI and Felix Howard was playing a demo of what I thought at the time to be the most amazing soul singer I had ever heard. It turned out to be Irishman James Vincent McMorrow, who has since made my play list at least twice, and has subsequently found his way onto American television on several occasions (Private Practice, One Tree Hill, etc.). Then I was introduced to I Blame CoCo (aka Coco Sumner). If the surname Sumner rings a bell, ever heard of Sting? Indeed, CoCo Sumner is Sting's daughter and that's the last I'll mention it. She is truly amazing in her own right, blending a heavy synth/ dance attack with the sultry and dark vocal stylings of Fiona Apple. After that I was hooked. I found it hard to leave London for extended periods of time for fear of missing the cavalcade of amazing live shows that were constantly listed in Time Out. But it was on one night in particular that I walked into a bustling tourist pub in the Covent Garden area of central London. The bartender/DJ was playing a band that was raw and intense, and yet the songs and vocals were über-catchy. It turned out to be the bartender's band, We Die Tonight. What a random and fortuitous find. I assure you that WDT will be dominating the North American screamo scene in no time. If by now you're getting the sense that I'm becoming an Anglophile, well I'm not changing my citizenship just yet. Don't get me wrong. Some of the most amazing music on the planet currently resides in the UK, but so does my ex-girlfriend. Ouch! Oh yeah, before I forget, let me leave you with two words…OH RUIN. Cheers!

I BLAME COCO / Caesar / Single

GENERAL FIASCO / Ever So Shy / Buildings

OH RUIN / Silver Lining / Single

GRUM / I Can't Shake This Feeling / Single

THE HYPE THEORY / We Will Be Singing / Single

JAMES VINCENT McMORROW / If I Had A Boat / Early in the Morning

FLORENCE and the MACHINE / You Got The Love / Lungs


VIGO THIEVES / Steal Your Heart / Steal Your Heart EP

WE DIE TONIGHT / Far From Hope / Fall From Grace

Michael Anderson

Michael Anderson is the founding partner of Sixteen 14 Global, an independent music and entertainment company based in Los Angeles and London. His clients include Paramount Television, Warner Bros. Television, Sony Pictures, EMI (UK), The Naim Labels (UK), The Local (UK), Back Yard Recordings (UK), Kipling Media, Lower Mars Gaming, and various artists worldwide.

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