MC Cheatsheet: Useless Study Determines Guys Don't Care What One-Night Stands Look Like

Nuno Silva/iStock

Jihan: "File this under: Totally useless research studies. Turns out, guys looking for a one-night stand don't really care what a girl's face looks like. Go figure." The Frisky

Elana: "We've sure come a long way from Livejournal, MySpace, and (eep!) Friendster. WWD takes a look at how fashion houses are linking with top bloggers to push their products. Understandable — I don't think I've ever not coveted something worn by Sea of Shoes' Jane Aldridge." WWD

Anna: "Personally, I don't think your boyfriend or your car should be prettier than you. Which is only one of the multitude of reasons why I find eyelashes-for-your-car completely ludicrous." The Gloss

Jessica: "For any of us who've had a rough morning." Hungover Owls

Sophia: "Stop the presses — there is now a Lady Gaga Halloween costume. Late-October crazy-outfit conundrum solved by late August? Gotta love that." Jezebel

Kate: "It's times like these that I still wish I was a 'denim specialist' at the Gap." StyleList

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