Two Art-House Flicks That Show There Are Good Guys Out There

To learn that love is stronger than death: WRISTCUTTERS: A LOVE STORY

Yup, as the title implies, it's a dark one. Brokenhearted Zia (Patrick Fugit) slits his wrists and goes to a bizarro afterlife for suicides. Laced with brilliant bouts of absurdity and unexpected sweetness, Wristcutters follows Zia's journey to find his long-lost love in the afterlife. Assisting him are a hitchhiker (Shannyn Sossamon), a Russian musician (Shea Whigham), and a car with faulty headlights.

To remind you that there's a lid for every pot: I WANT SOMEONE TO EAT CHEESE WITH

Meet frumpy James (Jeff Garlin, channeling Knocked Up's Seth Rogen), who looks for love as he loses his career as an improv comic. But it's the women in James's life—a sex-obsessed Sarah Silverman and chub-chaser Bonnie Hunt—who really steal the show with their amazing, unflagging wackiness.

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