Dive into Your Downtime

Actress Meagan Good costars with Will Ferrell in this month's Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues, and after-hours saddles up for horseback riding.

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(Image credit: Courtesy of Meredith Jenks)

It's important to: Have something that you get excited and passionate about outside of work. Hobbies give you joy and peace of mind.

I started riding: When I was young. Our neighbor in California had a ranch and let us sit on the horses. I was happy just to be in their presence!

When I first started riding: My back would kill me. Sit up straight and clench your knees together so that you have control in your thighs. Move with the flow of your horse; don't go against it.

Western or English? Both!

Fantasy horse names? Madonna and Prince.

My husband, film executive DeVon Franklin, is: Scared of horses. We rode together on our honeymoon in Cabo, Mexico. I took off down the beach at full force. He was trotting along, falling all over the place. There was a lot of "Whoa!" and "I'm really serious, Meagan. I'm not kidding. Stop!"

Advice to new riders: Trust the horse. Don't be afraid; horses can pick up on that. Be confident.

I rock a riding helmet with: A cute braid or ponytail. It never hurts to have a little lip gloss or ChapStick. And you definitely want to have a good pair of jeans to protect your legs.

Riding is like: Flying. It's tranquility and excitement at the same time. You have this rush in your heart, this pounding in your chest, but even in that moment, you are relaxed.

My hobby makes me feel: Capable of anything.