Your Go-To Girls Refresher

Catching up on your favorite TV shows is as easy as reading this cheat sheet (SPOILER ALERT!).

Season three premieres January 12 on HBO.

Where we left off: Hannah and Adam reconnect, as do Charlie and Marnie.

Rumor has it: '70s actress Louise Lasser, a Dunham favorite, will guest star.

If you've never seen it: Replace the cosmos with craft beers and the Manolos with thrifted loafers and you have Girls, the Sex and the City for the millenial generation. The show follows four ladies (Hannah, Marnie, Jessa, and Shoshanna) through their Brooklyn-growing pains, including but not limited to bad bowl cuts, sweaty warehouse dance parties, and awkward workplace groping situations. It's addictive, sometimes cringeworthy, and most importantly, relateable.

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