25 Reasons To Be Super Excited for the Super Bowl


After months of Sundays spent tailgating, bar-hopping and red zone-ing, football fans get just one more NFL Sunday before O.A.D. (Offseasonal Affective Disorder) sets in. Your team may not be in the Super Bowl (mine sure isn't), but this game is the last meaningful football until September, so you'd better soak up every last minute of it.

To help you get on board with Super Bowl XLVIII, I've come up with 25 reasons to look forward to this Broncos-Seahawks matchup...

1. The league's No. 1 offense versus the league's No. 1 defense. 'Nuff said.

2. Two legal marijuana states? Endless weed jokes, man.

3. Like ... this one: Hooray, munchies! These two fan bases are guaranteed to have some seriously loaded Super Bowl buffets! Doritos and seven-layer dip, anyone?

4. Or ... this one: The possibility of the best mayoral bet ever. Forget the fresh fish-for-Denver Pale Ale exchange, how about space cakes for pot brownies!

5. Aw hell, let's just get all of 'em outta the way now: The NFL presents ... The Super BOWL, sponsored by BUD, featuring the Mile HIGH City's own Denver Broncos and Seattle's HIGH-flying Seahawks. Kickoff just after 4:20 p.m. CT on Feb. 2!

6. Cold Manning Face. Careful, Peyton, your face might freeze that way.

7. Richard Sherman's yapper. Reporters are no doubt salivating just thinking about the Seattle cornerback's media day sound bites.

8. Seahawks fan (and "Talk Soup"/"Community" star) Joel McHale. Dreamy. Sporty. Very tall. More coverage of him cheering, tweeting and just plain breathing, please.

9. History: Peyton Manning could be the first quarterback ever to start and win a Super Bowl for two different teams.

10. Two words: Beast Mode.

11. "Omaha!" More Peyton references to the Gateway to the West means more opportunities to hear "Omaha" during teases and bumps. Love me some Counting Crows.

12. Seattle coach Pete Carroll is bound to be full of Super week surprises. A Will Ferrell pregame speech? A media day prank on one of his best receivers? Carroll is always up to something ...

13. "Geriatric" success. Nothin' like watching a guy just a few years short of 40 slinging around the ol' pigskin, throwing over, under and around 22-year-olds. An inspiration to the 35-and-up crowd!

14. Justin Timberlake. Broncos fan Jessica Biel is likely to bring her hot hubby to Super week and the big game. Maybe JT will even show up to do a duet at Jay-Z's DirecTV show Saturday night?

15. The "Legion of Boom." The Seattle secondary talks the talk and walks the walk -- expect big plays and big smack.

16. History: This Seahawks team could win the franchise its first-ever Super Bowl title.

17. Denver superfans Trey Parker and Matt Stone bringing their hilarity to radio row to talk Broncos, "South Park" and "Book of Mormon."

18. More shots of Marshawn Pinch, the Seahawks' helmet-inhabiting hermit crab at the Seattle Aquarium.

19. The legend versus the next generation: A chance to watch the two winningest quarterbacks in the NFL over the past two seasons face off.

20. The chance to see 12-time Pro Bowler Champ Bailey live up to his name in his first-ever Super Bowl.

21. Two years ago, Eli Manning won a Super Bowl at Peyton's (then) home field in Indianapolis; this year Peyton has a chance to win it all at Eli's home stadium in New Jersey.

22. A possible happy homecoming for Pete Carroll. After one failed season as head coach of the Jets back in 1994, Carroll has a chance to think of New Jersey as a happy place if he leads the Seahawks to a win there.

23. The chance to play a supersized Super Bowl edition of Count-the-Manning ads during commercial breaks.

24. History: Pete Carroll could become the first head coach to win a BCS title and a Super Bowl title. (That is, if you count BCS wins that have since been vacated.)

25. Free Skittles for everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Oh, just Marshawn? Daaaaang.)

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