12 Things That Definitely Still Make You Afraid

Is that shadow a robber?

1. There's a small part of you that thinks the car behind you is following you.

2. You walk into a room in your house with the lights off and assume that an attacker is hiding behind something.

3. The unknown number calling your phone? Your boss calling to fire you. Or debt collectors.

4. You are absolutely without a doubt still scared of the dark. Something could be lurking!

5. You think a murderer is calling if the phone rings when you're home alone.


6. Your dog or cat is adamantly staring at the ceiling and must see a ghost.


7. You hear a noise while in the shower and only think of one thing.


8. Even though it would require levitating, you still worry that someone might break into your high-rise apartment through the window.

9. You fear someone is standing behind you whenever you are doing laundry.

10. You suddenly feel a tickle on the back of your neck whenever you're outdoors and fear you've been bit by a poisonous spider.

11. The rats on the subway track. They can't reach you, they're nowhere near you, but somehow you still imagine them attacking your face.

12. You're laying in bed and suddenly wake up in the middle of the night and every noise is someone trying to break into your apartment.

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