13 Reasons Why Your Roommate is The Greatest

Keep her close because the Monica to your Rachel is hard to come by.

1. She always adds your towels in with her laundry because she knows you forget to wash them. What? It's hard to remember everything!

2. She buys extra of the groceries she knows you like. PINEAPPLE!

3. She's messy, but tries her very hardest to be organized for you. It's the thought that counts. And you kind of like being the clean one anyway.

4. She lets you sit in the good seat on the couch more often than she does. That's love.

5. She covets reality TV as much as you do and understands the difference between Real Housewives and Vanderpump Rules. It's a spinoff people.

6. You feel guilty when you watch an episode of Girls without her. It's like emotional cheating.

7. She gives objective level-headed boy advice. There's nothing better than someone telling you the real deal, no bullsh*t.

8. She wakes up early on weekends too. Sometimes waiting until 3pm for brunch is my nightmare.

9. She likes your friends and you're just as down with hers. Thanks to her, you're opting out of your usual #nonewfriends mentality.

10. She has the best delivery ordering skills. Because of course you want your own order of dumplings.

11. She assembled all the furniture in your living room. And you buy the fresh-cut flowers. DEAL.

12. She lets you use the mirror in her bedroom because yours is "all wrong." It's true.

13. You have her Netflix password, she has your HBO Go. That's a given—it's a 21st Century romance.

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