5 Things You Need to Know Right Now

It's Friday. That's probably the most important thing to know right now.

1. It's been time for a woman to host a late night talk show for a while, but now there's an opening! With the expected but still surprising news that David Letterman will retire from CBS in 2015, all eyes are set on who will follow. Chelsea Handler and E! are parting ways when her contract expires this year, seemingly leaving the comedian and author available. Could one of these women follow the iconic late night host?

2. Lupita Nyong'o is the newest face of Lancôme! The French beauty company announced on Friday that the Oscar-winning actress will join the brand as its newest ambassador alongside Julia Roberts, Peneolope Cruz, and Lily Collins. Nyong'o has spoken candidly about beauty in the past. Just days before she won her Oscar, the actress revealed that she considered her complexion an "obstacle" in the past.

3. Hillary Clinton wants you to know that you are better than you think you are. Speaking at the Women in the World 5th Annual Summit in New York City last night, the secretary of state said that women are sometimes too tough on themselves. "Too many women are harder on themselves than circumstances warrant—they sell themselves short and take criticism personally instead of seriously. You can't let it crush you. You have to be prepared and willing to take chances when they come your way." She added, "Play the outside and inside game," grow a seriously thick skin, and be good.

4. Afghanistan's presidential election on April 5 is a crucial event for women's rights in the area, and you should know about it. Three female candidates are running for president, and more women than ever are running for provincial council seats. According to the Wall Street Journal, "many worry that women's rights will be sacrificed as part of a possible peace deal with the Taliban insurgency—a priority for all three major presidential candidates." In addition, the situation for women in more rural areas of the country is bleak. Militants have reportedly said they will target women who head to the polls to vote, and the female candidates running for office have received a disproportionate amount of death threats.

5. Sarah Jessica Parker seriously schooled someone on Twitter. It appears as though someone who identifies herself as an "Infidelity Analyst" tweeted that SJP and Matthew Broderick's three children did not look like the actress. And the actress was not pleased, to say the least.

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