The 50 Craziest 'Scandal' Moments of All Time

#TBT to that one time Fitz got shot.

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The final season of Scandal is quickly approaching and we’re a tad extremely emotional. (Shonda, why do you do this to us?!) Ahead of the season 7 (and final) premiere next Thursday, we’ve rounded up the series' 50 wildest moments of all time. Oh and just a warning: There are most definitely spoilers ahead.

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When Olivia and Fitz have sex for the first time...

And it's unknowingly being recorded.

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When Fitz gets shot.

Happy birthday, Mr. President.

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And Olivia fears he's dead.

💔 💔 💔

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When Fitz *almost* fires Olivia...

After he realizes he has feelings for her.

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When Fitz admits he's in love with Olivia.

While still being married to Mellie, of course.

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When Mellie forges Fitz’s signature to put him back in office while he’s in a coma.

Because Sally's trying to become the president.

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When Olivia finally admits to Mellie that Rowan killed her son.


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When Huck gets shot.

By his crazy, psycho pseudo girlfriend.

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When Sally Langston impulsively murders her husband, Daniel Douglas.

After she found out he cheated on her...

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...with Cyrus’ husband, James.

It was all a plot orchestrated by Cyrus and Mellie.

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When Jake Ballard kills James.

Still not forgiven, Jake.

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One word: Defiance.

We still can't believe they pulled this off.

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When Fitz learns the truth about Defiance.

How many years later? C'mon, Fitz.

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When Fitz ends up killing Verna.

After she threatens to reveal they rigged the election.

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When Charlie and Quinn start hooking up.

Opposites attract.

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When Fitz’s son Jerry gets shot on stage...

...By his own secret service agent.

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When Mellie tells the world about Fitz and Olivia's relationship.

We love Olitz, but 👏 👏 👏.

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When Olivia gets KIDNAPPED.

Get out of bed faster, Jake.

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And Stephen ends up saving her.

Thank you for this incredible throwback, Shonda.

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When Huck horrifically tortures Quinn by pulling her teeth out.

Because that's what friends do, right?

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When Huck and Quinn are caught having sex.

On a desk. You know. As you do.

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When Huck is trapped in "The Hole" for weeks.

And he finally tells his ex-wife.

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When President-Elect Vargas is shot.

And this completely changes everything for Mellie.

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When Cyrus gets thrown into jail.

Everyone thought he killed Frankie.

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When Harrison dies.

Still heartbreaking.

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When Cyrus reveals to James he rigged the election.

Very emotional.

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When Mellie was raped by Fitz’s father and Fitz finally learns the truth.


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When we found out Olivia’s mom was killed in a plane crash.

And Fitz is the one who shot down the plane.

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But plot twist—she wasn’t killed.

Maya Pope is actually an international terrorist.

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When Mellie and Andrew Nichols have sex.

That was...unexpected.

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