All the Best April Fool's Jokes of 2018

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It's April Fool's Day and, as usual, companies are serving up hilarious prank products and commercials. Here are some of the best of 2018.

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Warby Parker and Arby's WArby's

Eyeglass company Warby Parker and fast food giant Arby's teamed up for a fake collaboration that they describe as the intersection of seeing and meat. You know, what the world has always needed.

Petco's Beautiful Bond Salon

Petco's April Fool's joke is the kind of idea that almost seems like it could be real. In the ad for the Beautiful Bond Salon, the pet retailer invites pet parents to make appointments to receive makeovers to make them look more like their animal companions (including snakes and fish).

Lucid's ShareBED

Mattress company Lucid took aim at the sharing economy with its ad for the fictional app, ShareBED, which encourages viewers to "make money while you sleep" by renting out the unused half of their beds to strangers.

Burger King's Chocolate Whopper

The Chocolate Whopper is an April Fool's joke, but so many people would want to try this cake-and-candy sandwich if it were real.

Tech21's FlexChoc

Tehc21 also went the pretend-something-that-is-not-made-of-chocolate-IS-made-of-chocolate route with its April Fool's gag. Their take? A chocolate cell phone case.

Sprint's Magic Ball

Sprint decided to riff on its own Magic Box for its 2018 April Fool's gag. The magic ball is literally a black soccer ball with the Sprint logo.

T-Mobile's Sidekicks

When it comes to cell companies poking fun at their own products for April Fool's, T-Mobile's "Sidekicks" were the most successful gag. Playing on the nostalgia of the company's popular Sidekick phone from the early aughts, T-Mobile released an ad for a new (totally fake) version of the Sidekick—a foot phone.

Roku's Happy Streaming Socks

For when reaching for the remote is just too much work during your Netflix binge. Roku is kidding about these "smart socks" (which would let you swipe through streaming selections by waving your feet), but we'll be thinking about them on our laziest days.

Rent the Runway's Dog Line
Rent the Runway

Online fashion rental company Rent the Runway faked a service for renting matching clothes for your dog as its April Fool's prank. What sets this joke apart, however, is that Rent the Runway is inviting fans of the idea to sign a petition and, if there's enough interest, they might make it a reality.

SodaStream's SodaSoak

IRL, SodaStream allows customers to make carbonated water and flavored drinks at home. For April Fool's, the company pretended to extend its technology to the bubble bath industry. They even hired Game of Thrones actor Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson (aka The Mountain) for the fake ad.

Logitech's BS Detector

The "BS" officially stands for "business speak," but it doubles nicely as what you probably thought it stood for. Ah, if only this were real.

Lexus' Genetic Select

Lexus teamed up with DNA company 23andMe for a fake ad promising to use DNA to match viewers with their perfect car.

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