Sh*t MC Girls Say: Live Coverage from the 2014 Golden Globes Red Carpet

Roll out the red carpet, top off your drinks, and join the MC girls for our live coverage of the 2014 Golden Globes.
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Roll out the red carpet, top off your drinks, and join the MC girls for our live coverage of the 2014 Golden Globes.
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Tina Fey and Amy Poehler

Liana Satenstein, Freelance Writer: "Now THIS is the best couple of the night."

Kathryn Wirsing, Photo Editor: "Classic mixed with edgy."

Hallie Gould, Social Editor: "Tina looks sweet and Amy looks sexy, just the way I like them."

Rebecca, Senior Web Editor: "Tina Fey's hair is amazing. Amy Poehler looks perfect."

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Julia Roberts

Liana: "I'm into the men's shirt."

Kathryn: "No one can deny that it's daring."

Rebecca: "Julia in a beehive? I'm obsessed."

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Jennifer Lawrence

Liana: "Tiered to perfection."

Kathryn: "I'm feeling all the cinching effects."

Hallie: "I don't care that I don't like the dress, I'm in love with her."

Rebecca: "She's wearing Dior?!"

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Kerry Washington

Liana: "I like this vest ish that is going on."

Kathryn: "I don't know who would win Best Red Carpet Baby Bump—Kerry Washington or Drew Barrymore."

Hallie: "I think that is what Olivia Pope would wear if she was carrying the POTUS' baby."

Rebecca: "I rarely see maternity red carpet dresses that look this sophisticated."

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Zoe Deschanel

Liana: "This looks very 1930s to me with a modern crop top twist."

Kathryn: "The crimson lip is the perfect addition to this ivory ensemble."

Hallie: "She looks like a vintage dream!"

Rebecca: "A sparkly crop top on the red carpet pretty much just made my night."

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Rashida Jones

Liana: "This is something that L.C. would wear to her Laguna Beach prom. But I like L.C., so it's okay!"

Kathryn: "Aloha!"

Rebecca: "She's wearing a cute top knot!"

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Naomi Watts

Liana: "There's some sleekified mermaid action going on."

Kathryn: "Pass."

Hallie: "I can't even look at her because she's so beautiful."

Rebecca: "Cut-outs aren't needed on this dress."

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Anna Gunn

Liana: "She looks AWESOME! I'm into it."

Kathryn: "She's very statuesque."

Hallie: "She looks like a tall glass of champagne."

Rebecca: "Expert monochromatic look. Expert."

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Lena Dunham

Liana: "I'm loving that she's showing off her tats!"

Kathryn: "Can never go wrong with Zac Posen."

Hallie: "Cheers to real women showing off real curves."

Rebecca:"The yellow is quite bold—but why not!"

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Helen Mirren

Liana: "Timeless, just like her."

Kathryn: "She looks smashing!"

Rebecca: "This is one of her best red carpet looks ever."

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Reese Witherspoon

Liana: "Malibu 4 Life."

Kathryn: "I'm impressed that there is not one panty line in sight. So smooth."

Rebecca: "She looks like she's going to a really fancy beach party."

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Drew Barrymore

Liana: "Ethereal garden-chic."

Kathryn: "Just looking at her gorgeous smile and gown makes me happy."

Hallie: "She looks like a blossoming peony on a spring day."

Rebecca: "This dress looks like it was made for our February cover star."

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Lupita Nyong'o

Liana: "I love the peek-a-boo arms with the floor length cape—so funky."

Kathryn: "Cap sleeves and a cape = new twist on glam."

Hallie: "She already wins best dressed. Done and done."

Rebecca: "This is the most refreshing red carpet appearance I’ve seen in a while."

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Taylor Swift

Liana: "#Blessed"

Kathryn: "#Blessed"

Hallie: "#Blessed"

Rebecca: "#Blessed"

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Amy Adams

Liana: "'70s, glamazon, cleavage—get it girl."

Kathryn: "Girllll, that neckline is plunging!"

Hallie: "Hello side-boob! Did she steal that out of American Hustle wardrobe closet?"

Rebecca: "This color is perfect for the red carpet, even if it is drenched in sewage."

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Julie Bowen

Liana: "There's a hint of '80s with the puffed capped sleeves."

Kathryn: "Her dress is reminiscent of the Marc Jacobs' Lola perfume bottle topper."

Rebecca: "Best color block."

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Giuliana Rancic

Liana:"It makes me want to go to the best Quinceanera ever."

Kathryn: "She's looks like a little red velvet cupcake."

Hallie: "That's a lot of taffeta!"

Rebecca: "Really loving her in burgundy."

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Zoe Saldana

Liana: "She makes this trippy fabric combination work."

Kathryn: "Best use of appliqué, by far."

Rebecca: "She should just always wear Prabal Gurung."

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Sandra Bullock

Liana: "I'm getting '80s vibes."

Kathryn: "I definitely didn't expect to see something like this on Sandra Bullock."

Rebecca: "I think I like the color black out of all three featured."

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Elisabeth Moss

Liana: "The texture is so on-point with this dress. It's pure old Hollywood glam."

Kathryn: "Rock and roll from head-to-toe!"

Hallie: "Badass textured bob, Peggy!"

Rebecca: "Anyone who gives a mani-cam the finger is officially my favorite person ever."

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Jessica Chastain

Liana: "Her red carpet dress is so classic."

Kathryn: "I like the badass bird wing details."

Rebecca: "Her hair is so gorgeous but this particular hairdo makes me a tad sad."

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Cate Blanchett

Liana: "Vamping up some Victorian collar..."

Kathryn: "Perfect."

Hallie: "Sheer, the right way."

Rebecca: "She just looks so regal!"

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Mila Kunis

Liana: "Black Swan all the way baby."

Kathryn: "I'm getting some sultry ice queen vibes."

Rebecca: "She's an expert at the smokey eye."

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Kate Beckinsale

Liana: "Very Art Deco with the geometric patterns to boot."

Kathryn: "Dipped in silver and daring...where can I find this dress (that isn't a billion dollars)?"

Rebecca: "The shape of this gown is pretty spectacular."

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Sh*t MC Girls Say: Live Coverage from the 2014 Golden Globes Red Carpet - Page 12

Liana: "This looks like something Marnie would wear."

Kathryn: "Fuzzy..."

Rebecca: "Kudos to her for rocking a severe side part."

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Zosia Mamet

Liana: "Shoshanna just got a 'take-me-seriously-post-college' cut."

Kathryn: "I love how the embroidery cinches her waist!"

Hallie: "Short hair is cool but I miss her long hair, to be honest."

Rebecca: "The embroidery is really beautiful and absolutely makes the dress."

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Uma Thurman

Liana: "This is SO Sharon Stone with the halter top neck."

Kathryn: "I wanna learn how to re-create her smoky eye."

Rebecca: "This is my nominee for best beauty."

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Emma Roberts

Liana: "She's channeling her inner Julia and I'm loving it."

Kathryn: "Elvira-gone-chic."

Rebecca: "This neckline is so feminine and gorgeous!"

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Sofia Vegara

Kathryn: "For once I'm actually staring at her necklace."

Hallie: "Bridal collection, much?"

Rebecca: "There's a lot happening north of her waist."

Liana: "She's always bringing the assets!"

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Leslie Mann and Judd Apatow

Liana: "All I'm thinking about is how much I want to watch Girls tonight."

Kathryn: "Cutest couple/best peplum."

Hallie: "Chic as f***."

Rebecca: "I'm still failing to understand why peplums are a thing."

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