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15 Perfect Holiday Gifts for the Impossible-to-Shop-For People

Because holiday shopping is hard enough.

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Holiday shopping is hard enough, and then there's always that *one* person on your list who makes you feel like a failure of a gift-giver. But not anymore. Here, gifts that everyone from the pickiest humans to the people with everything will love.

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Dinner Lab Membership

Dinner Lab is a pop-up dining experience that treats members to cool food in even cooler venues. You can buy any denomination as a gift, including a membership (which gives your diners VIP perks, though they still need to buy the actual dinner) or just cash towards the cause (which they can use to buy the dinners). Or, if you're feeling ultra nice this year—you can do both.

Dinner Lab Membership or Tickets, $175 or any amount; dinnerlab.com.

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Chic Earrings

These sparklers will elevate any outfit, and are sure to become a favorite for anyone who gets them—they're just so *pretty*.

Pandora Classic Elegance Earrings, $95; pandora.net

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Cashmere Wrap

Cashmere. Do we really need to say more? This wrap is the perfect wardrobe catch-all that can be used to snuggle up as a blanket, worn as an extra layer, used as a going out wrap...you get the gist.

Garnet Hill Cashmere Wrap, $188; garnethill.com.

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Fragrance Sampler

The best gift for picky people—the fragrance sampler features Sephora's top perfumes, and comes with a certificate for your recipient to redeem for a full-bottle of her favorite scent. Genius.

Sephora Favorites Liquid Luxuries Perfume Sampler, $65; sephora.com.

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Google Cardboard

One for literally *everyone* on your list—experience 3D awesomeness with these gadgets that turn your phone into a playground. (Like those Disney viewers everyone had growing up, right?) Once they have the viewer, they can download a ton of apps that will give them the virtual reality experience.

Google Cardboard, $2 and up; google.com.

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College Sweater

Like a college hoodie's chicer cousin. (Now you can finally get them to ditch that sucker.)

Hillflint College Sweater, $85 and up; hillflint.com.

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Skincare Set

If this skincare set made of freakin' caviar isn't enough to sway even the pickiest of gift receivers, you can go ahead and send it our way.

La Prairie Skin Caviar Discovery Set, $375; laprairie.com.

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This limited edition Keith Haring Clarisonic will make anyone's holiday brighter. (Along with their skin, obviously.)

Clarisonic Mia 2 Love Keith Haring Skin Cleansing Set, $149; ulta.com.

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Soda Maker

Make your own sodas, at home, with a press of a button. Who WOULDN'T want that? (Answer—a monster.)

Keurig KOLD Drinkmaker, $369.99; keurig.com.

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Personalized Wine

Personalization goes a long way. And this is the easiest way to do it. Just head to the site, print out a customized label, and place on your recipient's favorite Josh Cellars varietal. Done.

Josh Cellars Wine Bottle with Customized Label, $10-$15; joshcellars.com.

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Personalized Calendar

Customize a calendar with photos from weddings or Facebook or Instagram. See them smile while reliving memories every month. Job complete.

Artifact Uprising Wood Calendar, $29.99; artifactuprising.com.

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Wine Gems

Think of these like whiskey cubes, but for wine and *much* prettier. Perfect for every not-so-secret wino.

Wine Gems: Anna New York for Kim Crawford, $76; annanewyork.com.

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Cheese Board

This is perfect for everyone, but mostly for your close friends/confidants because that just means more wine and cheese parties. Right? (Don't fight the logic.)

TJ Maxx Cheese Plate, $20; tjmaxx.com.

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Not-So-Basic Candle

Sure, candles can scream "generic." But when they're Diptyque? They scream "classy AF."

Diptyque Roses Candle, $60; diptyqueparis.com.

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Coffee Maker

This, to coffee addicts, is like getting six cups of java in one present. The maker takes away a lot of the acidity in the brew, making for a full-bodied coffee without the puckering. Plus, it looks so damn chic.

Chemex 6-Cup Glass Coffee Maker, $41.95; williams-sonoma.com.

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