Instagram's Answer to Snapchat

Remember when Snapchat shut down Facebook's offer to buy them out for a cool 3 billion? Instagram, which is owned by the social media giant, first hit back with a new feature, Instagram Direct, but the private photo sharing element of the image-heavy app never caught on. But Instagram Direct isn't the last time that Facebook, and Instagram are trying to get into the instant image sharing sphere—they're hitting back again with the release of Bolt, a new app that serves essentially the same purpose as Snapchat: To share photos and videos that erase after they're seen.

For those of you in the United States, don't get too excited just yet: To appeal to their 65 percent international audience, they're starting the app off strictly internationally. It's just three countries in their app's first run, but they're covering a lot of ground. The first to have access are New Zealand, Singapore, and South Africa.

Will you download Bolt when it makes its way stateside? It's going to take quite an app to overthrow Snapchat as the king of instant photo sharing, but anything with the Instagram stamp of approval seems like a worthy opponent.

Photo via The Verge

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