The 18 Cutest Things on the Internet in 2014

Little boy models, little girl designers, and Olivia Benson.

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The Internet is an absolute abyss of adorableness—from Twitter accounts like Cute Emergency (opens in new tab) to viral videos of puppies sleeping (opens in new tab)/playing on iPads (opens in new tab)/existing, there is an endless supply of cute out there for our viewing pleasure.

Here, a roundup of 2014s cutest content to tug at your heartstrings. Because how can you resist little girl pop stars, baby celebrity pets, and (of course) cute guys? (Hi, Sean OPry!)

The Best of Cute Children

This Little Girl Telling Off Gaston: Both Disney and feminism had major moments this year, so naturally, when a little girl embodies both (opens in new tab), the combo breaks the Internet, as it did last weekend.

This Little Girl Letting a Cow Into the House: This video was originally posted in April, only to resurface in early December (opens in new tab). This child proves cuteness is a very valid Get Out of Jail Free card.

This Four-Year-Old Girl and Her Celebrity Dresses: Mayhems perfect paper versions of red-carpet outfits (opens in new tab) grabbed the Internet's attention back in February (opens in new tab). Now the child is designing for J.Crew (opens in new tab), because NBD.

This Five-Year-Old's Katy Perry Music Video: Back in May (opens in new tab), the Make-A-Wish Foundation turned Addy, diagnosed with stage IV cancer, into a pop star in a very sweet video.

Creative Celebrity Baby Announcements: 2014 has been full of celebrity pregnancy announcements and births (Keira Knightley just added her name to the list! (opens in new tab)). But the creative and adorable ways some have spread the news (opens in new tab) are exemplary.

Babies in Halloween Costumes: Infants killed it with creative costumes this year (opens in new tab), starting with Ruth Baby Ginsburg (opens in new tab) and ending with Blue Ivy as Michael Jackson (opens in new tab).

Hudson Kroenig: While Hudson Kroenig has been modeling for Chanel for quite some time (opens in new tab), the six-year-olds fame quotient spiked this year when he starred in a Chanel campaign with Joan Smalls (opens in new tab), establishing himself as the worlds coolest kindergartner.

Romeo Beckham: Proving he's inherited some rather strong cute genes (opens in new tab)little heartthrob Romeo Beckham (opens in new tab) continued his fashion streak, starring in the Burberry holiday campaign (opens in new tab). And from the video, it's clear he nailed it.

Prince George: K.Midd and Wills' little boy has proved he can make hearts melt with those chubby cheeks (opens in new tab). See below for supplemental proof.

The Best in Cute Animals

Tiny Hamsters Eating Tiny Burritos: In April, a series of tiny hamsters eating tiny food emerged (opens in new tab), starting with burritos. Now theres a birthday party with a hedgehog (opens in new tab)hot dog-eating contests (opens in new tab), and Thanksgiving meals (opens in new tab). All are equally exquisite.

Baby Pigs in Designer Handbags: Combining infant animals with high fashion items (opens in new tab) is an obvious feast for the eyesand we aim to please.

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The New York City Halloween Dog Parade: Perhaps rivaling babies for dressed-up adorableness, dogs also brought it this Halloween, particularly in New York, where an annual event (opens in new tab) attracts the best dressed.

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Olivia Benson: Taylor Swift introduced her new white cat (opens in new tab) in June. Since then its become an Instagram, fashion campaign (opens in new tab)TV (opens in new tab), and music video star (opens in new tab) in addition to being perhaps the most famous pet of the year.

The Best of Cute Guys

Jon Hamm Getting Emotional on Sesame Street: Back in April (opens in new tab), Jon Hamm got sensitive with some Muppets. The resulting video was, as expected, brilliant.

Olympic Guys Bringing Home Stray Pets: During the Olympics in February, hot athletes displayed their warm hearts (opens in new tab), adopting stray pets during their stay. The photographic proof is remarkable.

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One Direction's Cutest Selfie: When One Direction attempted to out-cute all selfies with puppies, children, and Jimmy Kimmel, their effort got arguably close.

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Sean OPry (opens in new tab): In addition to Olivia Benson, Taylor Swifts introduction of Sean OPry to the world in Blank Space (opens in new tab) continued her eye-candy charity. And one word: swoon.

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