'Girls' Season Four Is Going to Be Insane—Watch the Massive Preview Here

Adam in the rain. Need we say more?

Let's talk about Girls. Among its target audience (i.e. us), the show seems to be polarizing—some love its unpolished "realness," some think it's whiny. And some can't get their hands on an HBO GO password to watch it at all, in which case, seriously, just ask your parents, because they've got one and they'll give it to you.

The show's fourth season premieres in a few short weeks (January 11, if you'd like to set a calendar reminder to call your parents for that password first) and according to the preview video below, we're in for much (more) angst and awkwardness.

Love it or hate it, the show has become something of a cultural touchstone, and this season looks like it will drive that point home. There are the usual sex-and-relationship-confusion plot points, but also a struggle for the girls to find jobs in a down economy and figure out, in the context of the professional/adult world, who the hell they are. Or think they are. Or want to be. 

For a big, long, keep-you-entertained-on-Christmas-Eve look at what's coming, watch the video below. And please do let us know your Girls thoughts in the comments, because we're listening and we're interested. But no, we're not sharing our HBO GO password.


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