These Deleted Scenes from 'Mockingjay' Reveal Katniss in Clown Makeup and a Very Creepy Shakedown

"You've understood everything but one small detail—I'm not asking."

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It's a good day when you see something that reminds you of all those times on Pokemon when Jigglypuff sang everybody to sleep, then drew mustaches on their snoring faces.

In this first of two deleted scenes from the succinctly named The Hunger Games: Mockingjay: Part 1, grim-looking people (who've apparently never heard of blending) smear some gritty eyeshadow and blush onto Jennifer Lawrence's face. Effie steps in before they turn her into the Joker and looks sad as she says, "Don't worry, Katniss. We're going to make this work—for you, for me...and for Cinna." OK, then. Maybe they'll call in something from Marc by Marc Jacobs's riot-grrrl-themed fall show

Cutting-room-floor remnant número dos: President Snow is one smooth blackmailer. The scene does drag on a tad, but boy, can Donald Sutherland play quietly malicious—no, deliciously malicious. OK, we'll stop now.

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