Don't Tell Wes Anderson, But 'Grand Budapest Hotel' Might Be Even Better with LEGOs

Plastic figurines punching each other and cursing = gold.

Grand Budapest Hotel Parody - Legos
(Image credit: Youtube)

As we near peak Kardashianpeak sommelier, and peak "peak," it's nice to know there's one thing we'll probably never get tired of: when awesome people replace humans with LEGOs.

Jimmy Kimmel commissioned a Grand Budapest Hotel scene from Morgan Spence, a 15-year-old Scottish filmmaker who meticulously constructs toy-brick reenactments of iconic movies, such as Breakfast at Tiffany'sE.T., and Wayne's World. Like his other work, the video turned out great, and I am giggling so hard right now just thinking about plastic Adrien Brody hitting plastic Ralph Fiennes in the face.

Watch both the original and the funner version below, and continue feeling jealous that Morgan's probably going to have the coolest job ever someday.

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