Cate Blanchett Wants a Role on 'Downton Abbey'

Give it to her already!

Cate Blanchett
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Because she can also read your mind in addition to being a preternaturally radiant actress/mother/skincare-line ambassador, Cate Blanchett is working on securing a role on Downton Abbey. *loud crash* (That was me falling out of my chair.)

On the British chat show Lorraine, Blanchett said she's interesting in making a cameo on the period drama, which is like DUH, because how many times has she played someone who lives on this side of the 21st century?

"I did have words and I followed up with my agent," she said. "No call has yet been received, but I'm seeing the girls again today, so I'll get them to put a good word in."

Um, I'm sure GEORGE CLOONEY would give you a good recommendation too, Cate. And anyone who's ever seen one of your movies. So no worries—by the time season six rolls out, you'll be prancing around the great hall as a mysterious houseguest with a hidden agenda.

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