A New Podcast Will Pick Up Where 'Serial' Left Off with the Adnan Syed Case

Just tell us what happennnnned.

Fellow Serial junkies, we have some fantastic news: We're going to get a deeper—and hopefully more definitive—look at the seemingly unanswerable Adnan Syed case. But interestingly: It won't be on Serial.

Lawyers and advocates for Syed believe the number of contradictions in his famously complex case (refresher: Syed was convicted of murdering high school girlfriend Hae Min Lee in 1999, many feel unjustly) deserve further review, so they've created the Adnan Syed Legal Defense Fund to sponsor a new podcast titled Undisclosed: The State v. Adnan Syed.

Rabi Chaudry, lawyer and longtime advocate for Syed, says the podcast will include new information as well as more analysis of previously revealed evidence. Chaudry and the two other lawyers spearheading the project hope to correct claims they say Serial got wrong and bring attention to Syed's his current appeal. "We have to get at the truth," Chaudry told PBS NewsHour.

The first episode of Undisclosed will premiere on April 13...so let the theories begin!

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