Awesome Thing Alert: There's a Movement to #IncludeTheGirls in Superhero Toys

Because crime-fighting isn't just for boys.

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The hit Disney movie Big Hero 6 featured a diverse group of superheroes, including two girls. But you might not know that based on the merchandise. CNN report (opens in new tab)s that one merch company decided to leave out the two female heroes—and were met with outrage.

According to a post on a popular parenting blog (opens in new tab), a woman discovered that fabric manufacturer Springs Creative, which is licensed to sell products with Big Hero 6 characters on them, excluded the movie's two female heroes. She reports that when she emailed the manufacturer, a representative said the omission was on purpose. "We have found boys do not want girl characters on their things (eeeww girls! Yuck! Haha)," the (female) rep responded.

The blog posted a call to action (opens in new tab), and the #IncludeTheGirls movement was born:

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