Anna Kendrick as Indiana Jones = Awesome Parody You Need to See

"I'm a respected professor of archaeology. Times have changed, man!"

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(Image credit: YouTube)

Remakes as a whole are bad. Remakes with women in originally male roles are slightly better. And entirely new movies in which women are portrayed as complex, three-dimensional, real people are the best, but you can't have everything until Hollywood cleans up its sexism problem/elects Reese Witherspoon as Supreme Bigwig, right?

This new sketch for America's first Red Nose Day, a fundraising telethon beginning May 21, might fall under the second category, but it's so funny we're totally on board for it to become a full-length feature. In the Spielberg parody, Indi-Anna Kendrick Jones, respected professor of archaeology and holder of many degrees, makes it to the chamber housing the Holy Grail and must choose between bunches of old mugs while a mansplain-y, 700-year-old knight heckles her. "That's a plain cup for a pretty lady"—*bull whip to the face.*

Kind of wincing that they made her obsessed with home decorating, but her decisiveness totally makes up for it. Watch the clip below.

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