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-Apple is the latest music artist offender to receive flames from Taylor Swift. This morning the singer posted an open letter to the company on Tumblr explaining why she will not be making her music available on its new streaming service, Apple Music. She's especially unhappy about the free three-month trial, during which artists, writers, and producers won't be paid for the music users listen to. "We don't ask you for free iPhones," Swift writes, "Please don't ask us to provide you with our music for no compensation." (Tumblr)

-Emanuel African Episcopal Church in Charleston, South Carolina held its first Sunday service following the fatal shooting by Dylann Roof that killed nine people inside the church last week. (ABC News)

-An innovative new device has been approved by the FDA to help blind people "see" by using their tongues. (Mashable)

-Greece is in hot water with the rest of Europe. The country continues to be deep in debt after receiving financial support and emergency loans from surrounding neighbors and neither the government nor the banks have the funds to pay back what is owed. Greece has until the end of the month to get back on track, otherwise another defaulted payment could mean no more Euro. (The Washington Post)

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