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—Apple Music, the company's first foray into live music streaming, launches today. And yes, it includes Taylor Swift. (ABC News)

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—The struggle in Charleston is far from over—in the weeks following the shooting of nine victims at Emanuel AME Church, six other predominantly black churches have been burned in suspected acts of arson. (Washington Post)

—You're gaining a second today, thanks to scientists adding a "leap second" to the atomic clock in order to match up with Earth's revolution around the sun. Use it wisely. (Wired)

—The first semifinal game of the Women's World Cup is taking place in Montreal. The United States team is ranked second in the tournament, and will play Germany—ranked first—at 7 p.m. EST. (New York Times)

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—President Obama wrote an essay for the Huffington Post about his plan to extend overtime pay to an additional 5 million workers. (Huffington Post)

—New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is expected to announce his presidential bid today. (New York Times)

—Katy Perry is attempting to buy a former convent to use as a home for herself, her mother, and her grandmother, but the nuns are none too pleased. According to reports, her Super Bowl halftime show was a bit too risqué for their taste. (People)

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