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—The Women's World Cup final was the most-watched soccer game in U.S. TV history, with over 25 million viewers. And yet they're still paid 40 times less than the men. (Sports Illustrated)

—Now that the state senate has voted in favor of its removal, the Confederate flag could come down from South Carolina's capitol within days. (New York Times)

—Jerry Weintraub, the legendary Hollywood producer who was behind the Oceans movies, died at 77 years old. (Variety)

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—It's Shark Week, which is interesting/unfortunate timing considering the spate of recent attacks on the East Coast. (Discovery)

—According to the U.N., global poverty rates have dropped sharply. (New York Times)

—Sarah Jessica Parker doesn't consider herself a feminist—she's a "humanist." (Cosmopolitan)

—To the delight of your inner 4th grader, Hello Kitty is getting her own movie. (Deadline)

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