Disney's Next Big Flick Is a "Revisionist" Retelling of Prince Charming

Request: Can the princess save the day?

Disney isn't playing games when it comes to making your favorite fairytales new and relevant and magical again. Following the news of a Beauty and the Beast movie that stars practically every single celebrity in Hollywood, the studio will be bringing a new take on Prince Charming to the screen.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Matt Fogel has penned a script that's being labeled as a "revisionist" tale of the prince. Other than that, we know very little. No, seriously...we have no plot. We have no release date. In fact, we don't even know *which* Prince Charming story will be told—will it be the valiant Prince Charming who saves Snow White from death with a kiss? Or will it be the persistent Prince Charming who searches everywhere for his true love AKA Cinderella with the help of her shoe? Will he actually get a NAME, you guys?

Honestly, our money's on Snow White's PC getting his time in the spotlight, seeing as the live-action Cinderella just came out with handsome Robb Stark, er, Richard Madden starring as "Prince."

Sorry, Cind.

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