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—South Carolina finally removed the confederate flag from its state capitol today, marking a new—hopefully more equal—era. (New York Times)

—Robin Williams's last movie, Boulevard, hits theaters today. Bring tissues. (Deadline)

—In a massive hack of government computers, a staggering 21.5 million social security numbers were stolen, the White House revealed yesterday. (New York Times)

—Ben Affleck, who is already playing Batman, is apparently in talks to write, direct, and star in a different Batman movie. (Variety)

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—Following the state's legalization of recreational marijuana, Oregon has *also* made it legal to fly with an ounce of pot in your possession. (KGW Portland)

—Japan's tallest mountain, Mt. Fuji, is adding wifi to its peak. Good to know, say tech-addict mountain climbing enthusiasts everywhere. (Time)

—Brace yourself: A former journalist has come forward to claim that when she worked with Subway's Jared Fogle in the past, he told her he thought "middle school girls are hot." (ABC 7)

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