First There Was Pizza Rat—Now There Is Shake Shack Squirrel



Days after a young subway rat captured the hearts of a nation with his failed pizza thievery, another rodent has come forward with his own food-related struggle. Meet Shake Shack Squirrel.

Unlike his no-good quitter of a predecessor, Triple S had a target (his namesake burger joint), a plan (leap directly into garbage can, drag cup out, remove lid, slurp greedily), and an appreciative audience ("He doesn't give a f********ck" guy). Oh, and camera presence. 

Shall we roll the footage of #pizzarat to emphasize that, in life, it is premeditation and sheer tenacity that get you far, not GIVING UP AFTER THE FOURTH STEP? You bet. 

That was fun. Now we wait for the revolution. 

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