Miley and Kanye's Long-Awaited "Black Skinhead" Remix Is Finally Here

And it's so weird! In the best way. 

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The year was 2013, and Miley Cyrus had reportedly left the VMAs early after shocking the nation by twerking on Robin Thicke and daring to wear a nude latex bra set on network television. But it wasn't shame that compelled her to make a hasty exit—no, it was a higher power. Meaning Kanye.

Leaked Wednesday evening, the result of their rumored meeting turns out to be a mashup of Tears for Fears' "Everybody Wants to Rule the World" and a more sedate "Black Skinhead," with possible appearances from Travis Scott and Lupe Fiasco. Is it weird? Yes. But is it not kind of great? Also yes.

Listen to the mythical track here.

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