Mind Blown: These Totally Unexpected 'Downton Abbey' Characters Were Supposed to Wind Up Together

Like, NOBODY shipped these two.

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Now that Downton Abbey is out of our lives for good and the statute of limitations on leaking info to the press has passed, Allen Leech/Branson is just $#%^ing going for it. Fully support you, man.

At Deadline's The Contenders Emmy event Sunday, Leech casually revealed that a crucial bit of DA canon was never meant to be. (Along with the fact that his character was only supposed to appear in three episodes, plus the possibility of a movie.)

But, YEAH: "Matthew Crawley was supposed to end up with Sybil," Leech said, probably to a chorus of horrified gasps/mass fainting. Of course it couldn't have happened with both of them being dead and all, but it never would have worked anyway—way too much niceness in one couple. 

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