JonBenét Ramsey's Brother Will Give One Final Interview

"I know people think I did it."

Nearly 20 years have passed since JonBenét Ramsey's death, but the interest (morbid curiosity?) surrounding the 6-year-old pageant queen hasn't show signs of letting up—especially now that Ramsey's brother Burke is giving a three-part interview to Dr. Phil.

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From the same network bringing you the true-crime seriesThe Case Of: JonBenét Ramsey comes Burke Ramsey's first—and last—media sit-down. He was 9 years old when his sister was found dead in their family's home and was exonerated by DNA evidence in 1999.

"I remember my mom searching my room that night saying, 'Where's my baby? Where's my baby?'" he said. Of the funeral, Ramsey said, "I remember the viewing. The casket was small. Her eyes were closed."

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Ramsey also explained that he doesn't plan to address the press again after "honoring her memory" by participating in this series. The first part of the interview airs September 12.

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