Barb Makes Triumphant Return to 'Stranger Things,' Comes for Her Haters

"Ummm, what the f--k? Did you forget about something?"


Remember when Barb, normcore queen of your life, was left to die on Stranger Things? It's just like, what about Barb, guys? What's a Barb gotta do to get herself a search party, right? Fortunately, Barb made her triumphant return from The Upside Down, and she's all kinds of salty.

In the below Tonight Show skit—which you should probably watch at least five times in a row—"Barb" and "Steve" (AKA A.D. Miles and Jimmy Fallon) crash a Dungeons and Dragons game between the real-life Stranger Things kids, and Barb bitterly complains about being left for dead. Priceless moments include:

Dying/screaming. Watch the full skit below. Also, would fully binge Orange Is the New Bitch, just saying.

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