Meeting Someone New at a Party: The Revised Script

"But, like, which meme is the dankest?"

The Weeknd & Kate Hudson
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The cleverest trick for making small talk bearable is not really participating it—ask your torturer about himself, and you won't have to speak again for ages, because most people don't understand the courtesy of "How about you?" However, if you find yourself in the mood to #disrupt, here are five twists on the standard cocktail-party pleasantries.

Bold. Elegant. Just controversial enough to lead into a spirited debate about animal biology and the similar conundrum involving a dog and trousers.

Contemplative. Wryly humorous. Existential. Opens the door for your partner in conversation to unload his or her own millennial crises.

Borneo could be fun. Plus then you would get to know the other person's thoughts on gentrification, and doesn't everybody have Deep Musings on that?

So cool. (You know what memes are.) So dangerous. (You could start, like, a meme duel, and you know what happened to the last guy who got himself in a meme duel.)

And that's how it's done. #mostinterestingguestintheworld

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Chelsea Peng
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