Obama Popped Up in the Big Apple for a New York Minute and Everyone Lost Their Chill

Yes, that was a Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen reference.

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Former President of the United States and current President of Our Hearts Barack Obama—man who now wears his baseball hat backwards (opens in new tab)—just popped up in New York City and everyone is just straight LOSING IT.

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Obama was spotted leaving some random #blessed building on Fifth Avenue today, and was greeted by a flock of fans desperately wanting/needing to be herded by their former shepherd. "SAVE US, OBAMA" they seemed to say (though no one actually said that).

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It's unclear why Obama is wandering NYC with his coffee cup, but it should be noted that his daughter lives here. And by "his daughter," we mean the entire population of this city because we are all his children. At least according to this person:

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