Twitter CEO in Hot Water for Responding to Company Gender Balance Issues With Carrot Top Joke…Yes, We're Serious

Twitter is the ultimate boys' club: With around 2,000 employees, the company doesn't have a single woman on its board, as well as very few female executives. The New York Times ran an article on the group's mostly male cast on Friday which included the following quote from technology entrepreneur and academic, Vivek Wadhwa:

"This is the elite arrogance of the Silicon Valley mafia, the Twitter mafia. It's the same male chauvinistic thinking. The fact that they went to the I.P.O. without a single woman on the board, how dare they?"

And, well, Twitter's CEO Dick Costolo replied to the piece with a particularly uncomfortable tweet:

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Needless to say, Costolo's followers weren't exactly the most enthused, with replies like: "This eloquent response to lack of women at Twitter.", "Surprised & disappointed: I thought @dickc cared about including women:(", and our personal favorite, "Dude, weak."

As Gawker pointed out, "Twitter will surely snap up a woman for its board as soon as possible, in order to deflect this kind of criticism," and we agree, but that doesn't make this kind of behavior tolerable (or funny), especially for a company already under fire.

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