New Fashion Must-Have: Toilet Seat Covers?

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If you thought running in heels was hard, try squatting in them.

Apparently, there's a growing number of women who are so fed up with it — that is, the act of going to a sketchy dive bar, having to use the sketchy bathroom after a few too many vodka tonics, and, in the process, trying desperately not to let flesh touch sketchy toilet seat — that it warranted the production of an interesting new fashion accessory.

Toletta, the world's first premium public toilet seat cover, has just been developed to save women from the dreaded toilet seat squat.

But, you are probably asking, how is this product any better than ever-so-delicately placing scraps of toilet paper squares along the seat?

According to the Toletta site, it's made of soft, 3-ply patented tissues that are 20 percent larger and 42 percent thicker than other brands. The covers protect against germs, are biodegradable, and they come in small purse-size travel packs in two super-cute colors (pink and blue)! Perfect fit for that discreet little clutch of yours.

More exciting than the product itself, however, is the marketing behind it. The ladies at Toletta held a "sexy" photo shoot in a 100-degree public bathroom stall … and shared the behind-the-scenes footage (watch above).

Tell Marie Claire: How do you handle nasty public bathrooms? Would you invest in Toletta? Share your thoughts in the Comments section below!

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