Valentine's Day = House of Cards Season 2

Courtesy of D’USSÉ Cognac
Who needs an overcrowded restaurant, flowers that die, and Hallmark cards that make even sentimentalists cringe when you have Frank Underwood, political conspiracy and a bottle of booze? Exactly, you don't.
For those of us who are not partaking in the over-fluffed holiday designed for couples "in love" we'll be indulging on the finer things in life: epic emotional drama and a well made drink.
For the true Underwood fans we have the perfect cocktail--sweet, witty with a nice little bite:

• 1 part D'USSÉTM Cognac
• 1Ž2 part triple sec
• 1 part orange juice
• Top with MARTINI(R) Prosecco
Glassware: champagne flute
Garnish: long orange spiral

If you're little more daring—smooth and spicy:

• 1 part D'USSÉTM Cognac
• 1 part rye whisky
• 1 part sweet vermouth
• Dash Peychaud's Bitters
• Dash Angostura(R) aromatic bitters
• 1Ž2 part BÉNÉDICTINE(R) Liqueur
Glassware: rocks glass
Garnish: lemon twist

And if you're a downright badass:

D'USSÉTM Cognac — Neat

Glassware: Brandy glass
Garnish: please

So hunker down, turn off your phone and enjoy!

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