Autocorrect Has Made Us All Horrible Spellers

Our elementary school teachers are shedding tears as we speak.

This morning I was handwriting a note, something that unfortunately isn't often done anymore. During the perhaps only sixty seconds it took, I had to stop and Google the spelling of more than one word (I won't tell you how many). It was then that I got to thinking, in a world of autocorrect, spell check, and emojis that are freakishly helpful in expressing any emotion at any given time, we're all bad spellers. Or, some of us are good spellers, but we'll never know, nor does it matter.

Coincidentally, during this revelation, today is also The National Spelling Bee and their Twitter account was live-tweeting the competition, word-by-word so people can follow along in real-time. How's that for technology? Here are some of the most impressive:

In honor of young kids everywhere who are killing it without their smart phones, I took a look at the 100 most frequently misspelled words and chose the ten most important for women in the workforce. Now, memorize!

1. Accommodate

2. Conscientious

3. Drunkenness (for happy hour invites, of course)

4. Embarrass (for explaining to your friends what you accidentally did at happy hour)

5. Harass

6. Liaison

7. Perseverance

8. Privilege

9. Recommend

10. Supersede

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