Holy Sh*t, Lisa Frank Is Making Clothes Now

Throwback to joy (starting at $12).


If joy and nostalgia made a baby, then skinned that baby and turned its rainbow-colored carcass into leggings and a matching crop top, this is what they would look like.

Fifty-five dollars might seem like a lot for a simple, printed tank dress, but if you think about it, that's actually a pretty high PPU (Price Per Unicorn).

Unicorn Tank Dress, LISA FRANK (Available at Rage On!), $55

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An underwater fantasy fit for a mermaid, but made for you.

Dolphin Flip Flops, LISA FRANK (Available at Shoe Minded), $12

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Date night style goals achieved!

Kittens and Roses Tank, LISA FRANK (Available at Rage On!), $35

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A giant unicorn on your crotch, because that's where the *magic* happens.

Unicorn Leggings, LISA FRANK (Available at Rage On!), $35

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The human body really is the ultimate sticker canvas.

Graphic T-Shirt, LISA FRANK (Available at Macy's), $29

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Kylie's Lip Kits ain't got nothing on these rainbow pouts.

Lips Crop Top, LISA FRANK (Available at Rage On!), $35

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If this isn't appropriate for your office, quit.

Graphic Denim Vest, LISA FRANK (Available at Macy's), $49

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The gang's all here!

Character Collage T-Shirt, LISA FRANK (Available at Rage On!), $25

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Summer's only just begun and already your search for the perfect fall jacket is over!

Pegasus Patch Hoodie Denim Jacket, LISA FRANK (Available at Macy's), $59

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Those eyes! It's like they're staring into your very soul!

Leopard Sweatshirt, LISA FRANK (Available at Rage On!), $60

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Art like this should really be hanging in a museum.

Rainbow Tiger Sweatshirt, LISA FRANK (Available at Macy's), $39

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Even nails on a chalkboard would sound nice coming out of these happy headphones.

Smiley Face Headphones, LISA FRANK (Available at Macy's), $29

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