Fashion Nova Have Released a $44 Replica of Meghan Markle's Second Wedding Dress

The Stella McCartney moment for anyone on a budget.

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There are a few elements of Meghan Markle’s life as royalty that most of us wouldn’t mind recreating. The career transition from successful Hollywood actress to beloved Duchess of Sussex might be a nice place to start. The handsome husband who says cute things about your future first child together is also pretty enviable. Those starting points might keep you busy for a little while, but at least now you can easily recreate her incredible wedding dress without spending thousands of dollars.

With Meghan already now a style icon since joining the royal family, it’s surprising that it’s taken this long for Fashion Nova to start recreating her most famous looks, tbh. But finally, the Kardashian-Jenner go-to online store have made their own take on the second wedding dress worn by the new Duchess at St George’s Chapel back in May. It was popular opinion among royal family fans that the simple but stunning second dress was even better than her first.

Spot the difference between Meghan’s now-iconic Stella McCartney gown, worn for the evening celebrations at Frogmore House after she and prince Harry tied the knot, and the Fashion Nova copy which comes in at an affordable $44.99. It’s been suitably named the ‘Royal Debut Dress’, and features an almost identical halter neck shape, floor-skimming dipped hem, figure-hugging silhouette, and also comes in their Curve range. As they say, the devil works hard, but Fashion Nova works harder.

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The one and only original gown was rumored to cost around $100,000, so it’s a pretty great saving if you’ve been dreaming of recreating her look ever since the big day. A month after the wedding, McCartney announced that she’d be selling a limited number of the dress design to the general public, but those ones still cost £3,500 (or about $4,657), and were only available by private appointment.

Prince Harry Marries Ms. Meghan Markle - Windsor Castle

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Unfortunately the Fashion Nova replica doesn’t come with a matching Jaguar E-Type Concept Zero or a handsome prince to drive off into the distance with, but everyone’s got to start somewhere.

You can shop the Meghan-inspired "Royal Debut" dress below:


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