An Ode to The Cosby Show and Its Glorious Fashion

And a special thanks to Olivia, the effing cutest tot to ever hit the silver screen.

Why can't real life be like The Cosby Show? The sweaters were wild (read: avant garde), the pants were pleated, and the outfits were EVERYTHING. It's only natural that since the resurgence of old school style has invaded our computers and our closets, that we'd have to take a special nostalgia-induced look back at everyone's favorite television family: The Huxtables.

The most fabulous family that the '80s and early '90s has ever seen.
Three words: Olivia runs the world. Okay that was four. But she does.
Do you own a feathered brooch that could double as a quill? We didn't think so.
Snapbacks. Round glasses. A three piece suit? Total and complete perfection.
Denise was always a style star, just look at those pants! And her expert skill in mixing prints!
The couple who wears loungewear together, stays together.
Probably the least popular of the Cosbys (you know it's true), but still, she's making it rain.
The footware, people. The footware.
When skinny ties were the norm and decades before engagement photos took a turn for the worse.
Girl knows how to pop off with the Je ne sais quoi.
This sweater. Those suspenders. LIFE.
And because of course:
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