Fashion for Every Office

You've only got seconds to make a lasting impression.
Classic suits for a day at the office
Joshua Jordan

Earning Power

The right wardrobe, like a polished résumé, is crucial to helping you nab your dream job.


So you wanna be the Jackson Pollock of the digital age? Leave the paint-spackled denim behind and make a bold move into a graphic-design firm: A bright sheath-and-shawl combo in a sunny hue, punctuated by a giant statement necklace, shows them you're a work of art yourself.


As Wall Street's Gordon Gekko said, "It's a zero-sum game - somebody wins, somebody loses." With every other unemployed banker mourning the Dow in basic black, stand out in ivory. Pair a high-waisted trouser with a double-breasted blazer. Before long, you'll be power-lunching on the company buck.


In this biz, it's all about the Next Big Thing. Show 'em you're hotter than the latest iPhone app by strutting your stuff in a futuristic shift with piping (read: You're cutting edge and detail-oriented). Top it off with a waist-defining belt to cinch the dress - and the gig. What's that? Steve Jobs on line two?


Paging effortless chic! Send the chief of surgery a subliminal message in three easy steps: A relaxed trouser, printed button-down, and a lightweight, on-trend coat topped only with a stethoscope is a look so bedside-friendly, they'll hire you, stat.

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