2 Instant Closet Organizers

Our top two secrets to shape up your closet. You may even find an outfit you forgot you had!

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(Image credit: Karin Catt)

1. GO WITH YOUR GUT. Find the pieces in your wardrobe that you never wear, and try each one on. If it no longer fits or you don't love it, bite the bullet and donate it to the Salvation Army. Don't overthink: If your first impulse is to ditch, do it. "If you mull it over, you'll find endless justifications for holding on to the jeans you wore in college," says stylist Seneca Moss, who has dressed Molly Sims and Christina Applegate.

2. GET THE RATIO RIGHT."You need seven tops to every one bottom," says fashion consultant Linda Cohen. Keep only pants and skirts that fit perfectly. You can wear them repeatedly with different tops. Do hang on to more shirts and sweaters. "People notice them more, so you don't want to repeat two days in a row," says Cohen.