How to Plant a Window Garden

No backyard? No problem. Plant a window garden in these three simple steps.

1. At a nursery, pick up seeds, potting soil, and a few small pots or a window box (it must be shorter than the length of your windowsill-measure first!). Get a container at least four to five inches deep with a drainage hole at the bottom.

2. Fill container with soil and place seeds on the surface. Cover with an eighth of an inch more soil, then mist with water from a spray bottle (pouring water directly on the soil could disturb the seeds). Cover top of container in plastic wrap to prevent seeds from drying out.

3. Herbs should start to sprout in one to two weeks - leave plastic wrap on, without watering, until then. Once you can see them growing, unwrap, but resist the urge to water again until the soil feels dry an inch beneath the surface. When in doubt, wait another day to water - you really can kill herbs with kindness. — Vinnie Drzewucki of Hicks Nurseries in Westbury, NY